It’s nobody else’s business what you say in an email or chat—that’s between you and your audience. No person, agency or government has an unqualified need (or right) to invade your private thoughts, record them for posterity or analyze them like there’s no tomorrow.

Despite government whining to the contrary, online privacy apart from cryptography doesn’t exist—it cannot exist. It is not legislation, but encryption that restores our expectation of privacy. Have you wanted to:

  • prevent Google from analyzing your Gmail messages?
  • privately exchange ideas in Slack hidden from the admin?
  • send secure email to a friend through Yahoo?
  • maintain confidentiality using Outlook on the web?

You can do all this and more with PrismCipher. It’s encryption. It’s free. It’s easy to use and it’s inspired by, erm… “No Such Agency.”

PrismCipher runs in your browser on your own computer. It can’t be defeated if a central server gets taken down, because there is no central server. As long as you can use the internet you can use PrismCipher. As long as you can use a Chromium browser you can use PrismCipher. And as long as you use PrismCipher your conversations are safe!

So remember: When the NSA gives you PRISM, just use PrismCipher!